14 exciting facts about Minions you didn’t know

There is lot to know about them

We all remember the time in 2010 when these Minions were first featured in the Despicable Me movie. We would like to reveal each and every secret related to these goofy creatures – minions.

Here are 14 exciting facts about minions (banana loving creatures) you should know about being a minion fan.

1.) There is only one Minion

Some of you won’t believe but there is only one minion. Pierre Coffin, who is a co-director of Despicable Me and Minions, himself is the voice of all the minions. In Despicable Me movie, Pierre voiced 899 banana lovers. Pretty cool!

2.)  You’ve seen them somewhere

The design of these minions were inspired by the Oompa Loompas (from Chocolate Factory and Willy Wonka) and the Jawas from Star Wars. Initially, they thought of making minions tall and like Orc. Thank God, that didn’t happen.

3.) Minions are multilingual

Minions speak their own banana language which is a mix of Spanish, English, Italian, Russian, Korean and French. They speak English pretty good, Hmm.

4.) They are not so Young

Pierre Coffin explained that these minions are prehistoric and ancient creatures and have served many masters around the world for many centuries.

5.) Only Boys allowed (Male Club)

All the minions featured are males and have been called by English names, some of them are Dave, Bob, Stuart, Lance, Phil and many more.

6.) Color matters a lot

Good minions are always Yellow and Evil minions are purple in color. These colors were chosen because on the color spectrum yellow and purple are on the opposite sides. They depict their opposite nature.

7.) Life of a Minion is like living in N. Korea (Sorry North Korea)

There are hardly any hairstyles, only 5 hairstyles and out of them one is completely bald.

8.) I guess, Tall minions have the same hair stylist

All the tall minions have the same hairstyle.

9.) Originally there were no minions

Originally these banana loving minions were created to make Gru, who is a Super villain more likable for the audience. These were like children of Gru.

10.) How they reproduce? I don’t know

Some things are to be left a mystery.

11.) This one is hard to guess

These Evil Minions were inspired by the old Looney Toons cartoons where Tweety Bird used to drink some kind of potion and turn into a monster.

12.) Little different from us

They have 3 finger hand which is packed in gloves all the time.

13.) Clones of each other

Do you know? There are only 48 possible design combinations of eyes, hair and height. Rest all are clones of each other.

14.) Great Bonding

Gru (The super villain) who is having an army of minions, unlike other super villains that exploit their henchmen. Gru loves his army and there is a fatherly bond between them. Minions too show praise and love for their master and Gru somehow knows the name of each and every one of them. That is like a good boss – staff bond.

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