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Chronicles of the Minions is an award winning community dedicated to Minions. We all know how Minions are liked by all of us. We have a single objective of making people happy and give them some relief from their day-to-day problems.

We curate each and every type of content related to Minions be it images, quotes, video, voting competitions, GIF’s and much more. We believe that “Sharing is Caring”. But we want your help in spreading a word about us and spread this chain of happiness.

Our Goals

As we mentioned earlier that we have a single goal of making the largest community of Minion lovers.

Our Mission

“To impart happiness in the lives of the Minion fans”

Although we take extra care in choosing our content and see that it do not harm anyone’s copyright but if somebody feels that we have infringed your copyright then you can contact us here.

What can you do here?

You can do many things on this site like watch video, share content with your friends or family but the most important thing is that you can curate tons of content on this page of your own. Yeah! You heard it right, we are pretty flexible in that.

Create your own Meme, Open List, Story, Image, Embed Videos and much more. Create your first post now.

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